we believe that the gospel of god's kingdom has the power to transform lives.

Our goal is to provide the help needed to move both individuals and communities into long-term sustainability, not dependence upon any outside source.

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Rescue two generations

Countless young girls face the horrors of family abuse and child marriage in Uganda every year. Without intervention, they wind up on the streets and their babies may die.

you could be the one to rescue a mother and her unborn baby.

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The Gift of Hope

you can help rescue women from a life of forced prostitution and violence.

Each year, the House of Hope ministers to dozens of single mothers and their children. This one year program provides a safe place for Nepal’s most vulnerable women to discover their destiny through ongoing discipleship and skills training. You can help!

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Gifts of Health

the poor often find themselves with nowhere to turn.

Impact Nations works among some of the poorest, most desperate people in the world. Although we are committed to helping people reach long-term self-sustainability, there are times that immediate intervention is required.

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Stocking Stuffers

high impact, low cost ways for everyone to get involved

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